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Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces


Invisalign is the brand name of clear aligners manufactured by the Align Technology. This appliance has been the oldest CAD/CAM aligners on the market hence the term Invisalign is interchangeably used with clear aligners. The Invisalign system offer various packages including Invisalign First, Teens and adults. Advances in orthodontic field introduced a slew of teeth straightening clear aligner systems. Invisalign aligners are not the only options out there these days.  

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Invisible aligners

Clear aligner treatment is a great choice for straightening crooked teeth or fixing overbite. Plastic aligners are great choices for the right patient. Aligner treatment is offered by orthodontists, dentists and mail order companies. The cost of treatment varies based on who is offering the treatment. Treatment plans and treatment time are also different which leads into different quality of smile. Most insurance companies cover part of the aligner treatment. You can also setup monthly payments, use your FSA or HSA to use your payment plan and payment options.

Lingual braces

The truly invisible braces are lingual braces. They are glued in the back of your teeth and move your teeth behind the curtain. Numerous lingual braces system are available to the limited number of orthodontists that offer this treatment. Incognito, SureSmile, Brius, and Alias are examples of these systems. The main advantage of lingual braces vs Invisalign (clear aligners) is that patients don’t need to keep track of wearing aligners and being worried to lose them.

Clear Braces

Alternative options for metal braces are clear or ceramic braces. They are partially invisible. Most of clear braces are bulkier than their counterpart metal braces. They are also fragile and can chip or shatter during treatment. 


When it comes to straighten your teeth, orthodontists are specialized to move teeth. To provide orthodontic treatment, orthodontists use various type of appliances and approaches. Traditional braces often known as metal braces are the most common appliances used to straighten teeth. Metal brackets are unpopular in patients seeking for an esthetic care. The term invisible braces collectively refers to different type of orthodontic appliances that are less noticeable. Overall the invisible braces are either fixed and glued to your teeth or they are removable. 

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Invisalign Dentists

Some dentists (DDS/DMD) offer orthodontic care at their clinic. Majority of general dentists use the Invisalign appliance to move teeth. Clear Correct and Suresmile Aligners are alternative appliances that they use. Most of treatments rendered by dentists is limited to mild malocclusion. Dentists knowledge on orthodontics is often limited to the general dentistry taught in dental school and weekend CE courses. 

Direct to consumer 

One of the options for a straighter teeth and a new smile is aligner treatment through box companies. The biggest advantage of this option is saving money which could not be necessarily the case if you don’t get the results you are looking for. We offer aligner treatment to many patients that abandoned their treatment plan with box orthodontics. Direct interactions with an orthodontist for medical advice and regular checkups are keys to success with clear aligners.

Smile Direct Club

The pioneer company for box or mail order orthodontics is Smile Direct Club. You would get an impression kit at home and send it to get your set of aligners. You switch to your new aligners biweekly and hope to get the outcome you need. Minimum to no supervision on status of oral health and gum disease by a healthcare provider is the biggest issue with this option.


Candid co is the most known company after SDC that used to offer box orthodontics. You can read more about our interaction with patients looking for candid aligners. The new model of candid co is where a dentist or orthodontist offer the care and the aligners are fabricated by the company. This new service is called Candid pro.