Orthodontist Continuing Education: Knowledge That Gives You an Edge

Dr. Rooz provides continuing education to orthodontists on integration of modern digital technologies into their daily practice. Digital Orthodontics Hub is a national study club that Dr. Rooz founded to build a network of progressive orthodontists and orthodontic team. 

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Bringing digital orthodontics to more patients

Meet your orthodontic continuing education requirements and gain the new knowledge you need to thrive from Dr. Rooz Khosravi. An industry leader in digital orthodontics, Dr. Khosravi lectures internationally and nationally on digital orthodontics systems. From 3D printing to custom in-clinic aligner systems, there is simply no one better to learn from.

Our orthodontic training courses offer invaluable resources to help expand your expertise and offer the best patient care possible. Implementing digital solutions into your practice allows you to be organized, updated, and more accessible to your patients.

Digital orthodontic continuing education and product trainings include orthodontic webinars, in-person orthodontic seminars for general dentists, instructional videos, educational resources, and more.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Orthodontic Courses on Digital Technology and 3D printing 

Dr. Khosravi is proud to support other orthodontists and their teams. He knows that digital technology is the best way for clinics to offer personalized, high-quality care to their patients. He also knows that every professional has different preferences and availability. To ensure he has an option for everyone, Dr. Khosravi offers online orthodontics courses and one-on-one consultation sessions.

Online Orthodontic Training Courses

Learn on your own time. Online orthodontic courses give you the power to earn your CE credits when and where it is convenient for you. Our most popular courses include:

In-Office Aligner System Training

Learn how to implement a scalable and efficient in-house aligner system. This comprehensive course will teach you how to transition into digital orthodontics, set up a digital lab, and integrate 3D printing into your practice. It is a hybrid course featuring pre-recorded sessions and live instruction from Dr. Khosravi.

Course topics include but are not limited to:

  • 3D scanning and basics of 3D printing
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of desktop 3D printers
  • How to identify the right 3D printer for your clinic
  • How to set up a digital lab or remodel your current one
  • Digital platforms to move teeth
  • How to make a scalable in-house aligner delivery system
  • Aligner fabrication protocol

3D Printing Implementation in Your Clinic

This course included four on-demand online lessons and one live discussion session that cover the basic aspects of implementing 3D printing at your practice. The course provides six CE credits and will teach you how to choose the optimal printer, what accessories you need to support the 3D printer, how to set up your lab, and how to start and build your systems.

To ensure you implement new technologies as seamlessly as possible, we allow you to invite your team to attend these sessions. If you want to improve your existing workflow or scale your practice by implementing a 3D digital printing system from scratch, this course is for you. The curriculum touches on the following topics:

  • 3D scanning and desktop printing technology
  • SLA, DLP, and mSLA/LCD desktop printers
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting of a 3D printer
  • How to set up a digital lab
  • Efficient clear retainer fabrication
  • Digital software platform

One-On-One Sessions

Learn from the authority on modern orthodontics with private consultation services. Make the most of your time, streamline your workflow, and accelerate your 3D integration process with Dr. Khosravi at your disposal.

There are three levels of one-on-one consultations designed to provide you Dr. Khosravi’s undivided attention. You can expect to receive in-depth knowledge of 3D printing, in-house aligner workflow, and the secrets to running a clinic that functions at optimal efficiency

Private consultation services include:

  • uLab Case Review Session (45 minutes)
  • 3D Printing Implementation Consultation (45 minutes)
  • In-House Aligner Workflow Consultation (30 minutes)

All consultations include an in-depth review of your case and personalized solutions.

What Are The Best CE Courses for New Dentists?

Continuing education is the crux of a successful career in dentistry. Expand your dental treatment portfolio with our orthodontic seminars for general dentists. Our courses offer continuing education credits, lectures, and hands-on exercises. The seminars will provide you with confidence and knowledge to treat uncomplicated orthodontic cases in your office.

Enhance your orthodontics practice and expand your dental treatment portfolio. The benefits of learning with Dr. Khosravi are endless. We can help you:

  • Grow your practice
  • Increase profitability and income
  • Improve the health of your patient
  • Reaffirm your interest in dentistry
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Implement advanced technology
  • Be on the cutting edge

A Personal Trainer for Digital Orthodontics | Meet Dr. Rooz Khosravi

Dr. Rooz is a second-generation dentist and an undisputed industry expert on digital technologies. He is also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington.

He founded and practices at Porth, a modern orthodontic clinic in Sammamish. In addition to these accolades, Dr. Khosravi is an orthodontist-scientist consultant at uLab Systems as well as BayMaterials. In these roles, he aids in the acceleration and the development of advanced software and materials. He is passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital orthodontics.

Dr. Khosravi has extensive knowledge of and experience with 3D imaging and printing. He is an expert in clear aligner therapy and has been conducting studies to better understand the available clear aligner systems. If you’re ready to expand your practice and earn orthodontics CE credits, there is no better professional to learn under.

Extend Your Treatment Portfolio Now

Orthodontist education isn’t something to cut corners on. Whether you want to implement 3D printing into your workflow or offer in-house aligner services to your patients, Dr. Rooz Khosravi will help you learn to run the most efficient clinic possible.